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Fachoda complex is a lightweight flight simulator.

The objective is to make as much money as possible by destroying as many enemies as you can. From time to time rewards are offered for destruction of a given target (be it friend or foe), flagged in the map with a small magenta skull. As you have to pay for every bullet you’d better go for these before a computer controlled plane or tank does it. You can also make a few bucks by targeting civilians at random. You are not allowed to hurt the cows, though.

You need to return to your home base and park to refuel and repair your plane. There you can also buy a better plane by parking your plane close to an unused one you can afford and press F10.

Each time you earn or lose money the new balance is written in front of the screen (blue for credits or red for debits, then white for the actual balance).

Whenever your plane get shot down you will take the control of another plane that’s flying on your side and which value is less or equal to the one you just left, until there’s no more and the game is over. When respawning, though, the Lord takes all your money but $55.

Your final score is the maximal return on investment achieved during the whole play.

The planes

You can fly six different warbirds:

Each have various abilities and capacity. You start the game in a Dewoitine.

Price list

Fiul tank$400 (approx)



The mouse controls the flight stick. Left button fires the selected weapon, right button switches between guns and bombs.

You can play with keyboard instead (-nomouse option). The numeric keypad’s `8`, `4`, `6` and `2` then works for up, left, right and down, while `5` centers the stick. You can also set keyboard sensitiveness in the option menu, and tune the neutral point of the flight stick during the play by the combinations `5`+`2` or `5`+`8` (that is : center+up and center+down) on the keypad.

In -nomouse mode, `space` fires and `control` switches between weapons.


Here are a key list:

`F7`/`F8`zoom in map mode and external views
`F4`swap between internal views (normal/dogfight)
`F6`external view (traveling)
`F5`swap between external views (around, satellite, pursuit, bomb)
`F2`/`F3`cycle through other planes of your side, or through close planes in dogfight view
`F1`view your own plane, or select the closest enemy plane in dogfight view
`F9`map view
`B`wheel brakes
`X`accelerated mode (make sure to set autopilot first!)
`S`set a flag at plane’s location on the map
`N`set navpoint to home base
Arrowswatch in every direction in internal view ; move the map in map view
`Home`back to front view (must be hold in dogfight view)
`End`rear view (same)
`Delete`left view
`PgDown`right view
`PgUp`up view
`Insert` (hold)focus at the instrument panel
`Pause`guess what
`F10`sell your plane and by the closest one amongst those parked at your home base.
`Enter` (hold)display the highs-cores
Mousemove the command controls
Left clickfire with the active weapon
Right clickselect the other weapon (guns/bombs)

The key mapping can be redefined in the .fachodarc config file, which should be located either in your $HOME or $PWD. A sample .fachodarc. file is distributed with fachoda, along with a small tool to give the key names of any key: getkeyname. Most keys have obvious names, though, such as j for <J>, page up for <PAGE UP> and so on.

Instrument panel

  1. elevating speed
  2. speed meter
  3. altimeter
  4. ammunitions (bullets and bombs)
  5. angle of attack
  6. slope indicator
  7. throttle on the above half, fiul gauge below
  8. compass
  9. gears
  10. flaps
  11. brakes
  12. autopilot (green light instead of red)